• Bulgarian customs are rooted in antiquity and are closely tied to the country’s history and expression of Eastern Orthodox Christianity
  • Some of the most famous treasures in the world were discovered at the Varna necropolis, including the world’s oldest golden ornaments
  • An important part of the Bulgarian culture is folk music and national dances, such as the horó
  • Bulgarian folksongs are handed down orally from one generation to the next
  • The Rose is the symbol of Bulgaria
  • The family is the fundamental social unit in Bulgaria. Several generations may still all be found living under the same roof
  • Bulgarians generally pride themselves on their hospitality and neighborliness
  • Every year at exactly 12:00 on 2 June, air raid sirens throughout all of Bulgaria resonate for a minute to honour those who died for the freedom of Bulgaria. Wherever they are, people stand still until the sirens stop