The project “WelComm: Communication Skills for Integration of Migrants” aims to increase motivation for language learning and promote opportunities for equal start in education of migrant children in pre-primary and primary school age through creating innovative learning methods and products. The project will develop a Multimedia Learning Kit for Migrant Children creating basic communication skills in Italian and helping migrant children understand better the content of lessons taught, increase their interest in the benefits of learning and raise motivation.

The Kit will include:

  • Animated films (mini-series) divided within themes and produced as time lapse animation;
  • Language games and visual learning materials as follow-up of each mini-series providing practical activities for mastering perceived content;
  • Comic books based on adapted fairy tales revealing the cultural background and behaviour patterns in Italian.

For more information about the project, please visit www.welcomm-project.com or contact:


University for Foreigners of Siena
27/28, Piazza Carlo Rosselli
Siena, Italy, 53100
tel: +39 0577 240 168
email: salvati@unistrasi.it
website: www.unistrasi.it