The Spanish education system is structured as follows:

  • Pre-Primary Education (Educación Infantil )
  • Primary Education (Educación Primaria)
  • Secondary Education – First Cycle (Primer Ciclo Educación Secundaria)
  • Secondary Education – Second Cycle (Segundo Ciclo Educación Secundaria) / Vocational Training – Basic Level (Formación Profesional Básica)
  • Baccalaureate (Bachillerato) / Vocational Education – Intermediate Level (Formación Profesional Grado Medio)
  • Vocational Education – Higher Level (Formación Profesional Grado Superior)
  • University (Enseñanzas Universitarias)

Pre-Primary Education (Educación Infantil )
It is not compulsory and it is structured in two educational cycles of three academic years each, which are called: first cycle (0-3 years) and second cycle (3-6 years).

Primary Education (Educación Primaria)
Between 6 and 12 years. It is mandatory, and therefore is free in public schools, except for the purchase of books and educational materials.
It includes 6 courses of primary education grouped in three cycles of two academic years each.

Once the child has reached the age of six, parents should enroll their child at a school of their choice. Enrolment takes place at the school itself. Some schools include Pre-Primary Education (Educación Infantil) and parents can choose to enroll them at the age of 3, which is most usual.
The requirements required for enrolment may vary from one municipality, and in some cases families can only apply for schools in their registered address or work neighborhood. Lower income families or children with disabilities have priority.