Stampot is a Dutch stew, a traditional winter dish with potatoes, vegetables and meat. The various ingredients may or may not be prepared in one pot and then with a so-called stamper stamped to get mixed. Famous Dutch stew are: kale stew or sauerkraut with smoked sausage and bacon, stew with potatoes, onions, carrots and beef, and ‘Hot Lightning’ with potatoes, apples and bacon or black pudding. Some Dutch like to make a dimple in their stew with gravy.

The Netherlands is a real cheese country. There are more than 674,000 tons of kilos of cheese produced per year. Exports of Dutch cheese takes place in 130 countries. The names Gouda, Edam and Alkmaar (where also the famous cheese market are) are known far beyond the Dutch borders. Dutch often put cheese in their sandwich, something that most foreigners normally do not do.

Poffertjes are an old Dutch delicacy, a kind of small pancakes, but thicker and sweeter. Poffertjes are usually served with sugar and butter. Especially children love it. In the Netherlands you often see stalls where poffertjes are sold at markets and fairs.