The project implements a methodology for migrant and bilingual children’s basic language, communication and intercultural skills. This is based on integrating a cultural dimension to language teaching and learning, and thus enabling children to:

  • develop and foster positive attitudes towards other cultures and boost children’s curiosity, empathy, open-mindedness and interest
  • prepare themselves to deal more effectively with various situations in life to include socio-cultural interactions and intercultural conflicts
  • become involved in their society in a spirit of recognition of its uniqueness and tolerance for human and cultural diversity
  • understand more about their own country as part of a shared European heritage and learn to value better their neighbour’s cultures


The project designs a model for language learning through children’s immersion in European culture and offers an innovative and fun way to learn through its main products:

  • Welcomm2Explore board game
    By playing the games children learn words, expressions, local stories and sayings and cultural facts about their city and region.
  • Comic books with local cultural stories based on urban stories, local legends, anecdotes, etc. revealing the cultural background and behavior patterns of each country.
  • Educational experience videos where children are the main actors and participate in the creation of scenarios with other children.
  • Guidelines for educators where the methodology and principles behind the project products are presented.

Leaflets in partner languages

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