United Kingdom Historic Canterbury back

Alkis and Jack are year 7 pupils at Kent College Canterbury. They are visiting historic Canterbury today. It is a lovely sunny day and Canterbury is busy with visitors. Alkis and Jack first visit Westgate Tower, the largest surviving city gate in England and one of seven which were originally in Canterbury. They then visit Weaver’s House, a medieval building that was used by weavers back in time and today is a restaurant and tea shop. Alkis makes the connection with the Walloons who used to be weavers as he is half Belgian himself.

The two boys then visit the statue of Geoffrey Chaucer, the famous poet who wrote Canterbury Tales. They also visit the Beany, Canterbury’s museum and library, named after the famous medical doctor Beany, who after he became rich, gave a lot back to the town. Finally, the boys walk by the Cathedral but are not allowed in as there is a service and they finish their visit at Marlowe theatre.