United Kingdom Whitstable’s Catman back

Alkis and Jack are year 7 pupils at Kent College Canterbury. They are at Whitstable harbour, a fisherman’s village famous for its oysters. They walk around the seaside and say that the reason they are in Whitstable today is to see Catman’s work. Catman is a local artist that paints on the walls of Whitstable. Nobody has ever seen him in real life as he paints during the night and he always covers his face. Alkis and Jack visit his first artwork that is about the destruction of our planet.

They are impressed with the message behind the painting and point at the artist’s signature, a cat with sunglasses. They then move on to next painting which is a game of words…Whistabubble. As they continue their visit, they come across more of Catman’s artwork: a man who is drinking local beer, the Queen on a skateboard, the front door of a bakery, even the Mona Lisa! They really enjoyed visiting Catman’s Whitstable would like to meet Catman one day!