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WelComm parcels

The game ‘Ontdek Nederland’ together with the comic book ‘Legendes komen tot leven’ were sent today to Dutch teachers all over The Netherlands.

Get to know WelComm products!

September ’20 – ‘November ‘20

Seminars organized in all partner countries for stakeholders, professionals and volunteers as well as children to present and demonstrate the board games, comic books and videos. Most of the gatherings had to be held in small groups because of the Covid19 restrictions. All participants highly appreciated the products and were eager to start using them!

Final conference online

Originally WelComm partners had planned to hold a final conference in September in Rotterdam but as this was not possible to happen due to the corona virus a live event took place via Facebook during the ErasmusDays 2020. The project and the project outcomes were presented to a wide audience and representatives of organizations who have taken part in the project developments shared their experience.

Let’s play

During a workshop children from Valencia played the Spanish boardgame and learned new things about the history and culture of Spain. They enjoyed it enormously and didn’t want to go back to the normal classes!

Playing the Board game

Children aged 7-9 have tried the Welcomm 2 board game for Transylvania, which provided a totally new learning approach to the Romanian language learning in comparison to what they are used to. They enjoyed it a lot, they had awakened family visits’ memories, while in some cases they gained new knowledge about the Romanian culture and their surroundings.

Workshop in Brussels

Our partners from Musee des Enfants organised a very exciting workshop and let the children draw comic books based on the legends about Manneke Pis.

Drawing cartoons based on Dutch characters

It was a hard-working day for our young participants in the comic books workshop! They created interesting stories using three characters from Dutch urban legends – Holle Bolle Gijs, de Witte Wieven and de Bokkerijders. The best drawing will be used later to produce the Dutch comic book.
The workshop was held on 2nd October in Rotterdam.

Testing the board game

On 26th of September the Dutch version of the WelComm 2 Explore Europe board game was tested with children from Hoedje van Papier Foundation from Rotterdam. The children not only enjoyed playing but also helped us to improve the rules of the game!

What is Kinderdijk and how do you go there?

On 14th September the filming of the second Dutch movie took place. The children-actors took the water bus from Rotterdam to Kinderdijk and back and explored with interest this typical Dutch area. Movie will be available soon!

How do you bake Dutch poffertjes?

On 11th September the recordings for the educational movie ‘How do you bake ‘poffertjes’ were made in Rotterdam. Children learned how to bake these typical Dutch small pancaces and enjoyed the filming. They behaved like real actors!